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Revised edition by new columnist Dr. Keith Roach!

Ear: Vertigo and Balance
Ear: Vertigo and Balance
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Most of us feel dizzy at one time or another. Dizziness -- a feeling of light-headedness and unsteadiness, often accompanied by a spinning sensation, as opposed to fainting -- is the most common complaint of people over 65. Dizziness can be symptomatic of many conditions. Itís important to separate common dizziness from vertigo. This term is reserved for the times you feel a sense of motion when your body is really at rest. Vertigo is a spinning sensation when you and your surroundings are in fact stationary. Ataxia (walking as though drunk) can be a sign of vertigo. Vertigo results from a disturbance of the bodyís extremely complex system of equilibrium. When a person experiences vertigo combined with dizziness, it is usually caused by a disorder of the inner ear, or can signify a problem with the cerebellum or brainstem. In this newly revised pamphlet, Dr. Keith Roach will help you find out more about these conditions and approaches to treatment.

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