Valvular Heart Disease

Valvular Heart Disease
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The heart valves regulate the flow of blood through the heart and out to the body. Their primary function is to make sure that enough blood flows in the proper direction. If the heart valves are somewhat misshapen or become damaged, then they may not be able to perform their job well. They may leak, or they may not allow enough blood to flow through. Unlike many other forms of heart disease, valve disease is not associated with cholesterol levels, diet, exercise, and the other aspects of your life that can affect how healthy your heart is. Rather, you can be born with misshapen valves (congenital heart disease), develop a valve defect from a bacterial infection, or develop a valve defect from age-related accumulation of calcium on your valves. Valve disease may occur at any age, and its severity can vary greatly. As with all forms of heart disease, early detection and, if necessary, treatment, allow for the best outcome of heart valve disease.

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